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Travel Center

Gimhae, as the site of the Gaya with its advanced ironware culture, is developing tourist attractions including the Tomb of Kimg Suro, the National Museum, Yeonji Sculpture park, the Streets of Gaya, Clayarch Gimhae Musem (Ceramics village, Gimhae) and environmental arrangement projects for the history and culture of Gaya. To provide more useful and timely travel information, the Gimhae Travel Information Center was opened in October, 2001. It provides information about food, lodging, hiking routes and others areas.


  • 09:00~18:00 Open all year round except for the Chusok and Sollal holidays

On duty: 2 translators (Japanese and Chinese)


  • Arrange translators (English, Japanese, and Chinese)
  • Provides travel information brochures
  • Arranges tour guides and cultural asset information providers
  • Information to speak to the culture tour guide of Gimhae City

Activities of cultural asset information providers

  • Provides information about cultural assets 3 times a day (10 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM)
  • 2 hours each session
  • Other sessions can be arranged for group tours by making an appointment a week in advance

Location: 463-6 Daeseong-dong, Gimhae

For more information: TEL 055-338-1330 / FAX 332-1094