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Transportation Information

Gimhae City's location makes travel to the city easy and convenient, and this is facilitated by the city airport, railroad station, and freeways. There are a total of 2,540 highway routes including 5 freeways, and these extend over a distance of 1,608km. Within 20 minutes from anywhere in the city, one can arrive at either the Gimhae International Airport or the two harbors, Busan and San as well as at the KTX Gupo station and Milyang station. Moreover, once the construction of light electric railroad connecting Gimhae and Busan is completed in 2011 and when the metropolitan railroad network including the new harbor 배후철도 and double track light electric railroad are built, Gimhae City will be born again as a place with the best transportation infrastructure in the country.

Flight Information

Gimhae International Airport located in Dajeo2-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan was originated from Busan Suyeong Airport built in August, 1958. It was expanded to Busan International Airport in Sept. 1963. To further expand the airport facilities, the airport was moved to the current location in August 1976 and the name was changed to Gimhae International Airport. It has developed with the community and its annual users are total 9.17 million. Various convenience facilities, especially those for the disabled will be gradually expanded. To reinforce the airport safety, it is equipped with high tech communication and electronic equipment necessary for the landing and taking off of airplanes. You can check the detailed flight schedule at the website of Korea Airports Corporation(http://www.airport.co.kr/mbs/gimhaeeng/)


Fare Type Measuring Unit Amount Remarks
Basic Fare 2km 2,800 won
Fare by distance Per 143m 100 won
Fare by hour (under15km/h) Per 34 seconds 100won
Paging Fee 1,000 won
Late-night charge and Long
distance charge
Additional 20% to basic fare
Complex extra charge Additional 40% to basic fare

  • Fare by distance: Charges the fare by distance exceeding the basic distance of 2km
  • Fare by hour: If speed is under 15km/h, charges the fee by drive time
  • Late-night charge: Extra charge between 00:00~04:00 hours
  • Long distance charge (outside of city): Charge extra fee for the service provided outside of the service area (Gimhae)
  • Complex extra charge: Application of an additional 40% complex charge to eup and myeon area except dong and Jangyu-myeon – Application Zone: Boundary of Naewai-dong and Juchon-myeon (Wai-dong hill), Samgye hill, Sanglim hill, Boundary of Buram-dong and Daedong-myeon (under the highway box), Sambang-dong, Gaya country club, Boundary of Sangdong-myon and Mukbang-ri
Fare Type Day Late-night/
Long distance
Extra charge
Long distance
Basic Fare (2km) 2,800 won 3,360 won 3,900 won 4,704 won
Fare by distance (per 143m) 100 won 120 won 140 won 168 won
Fare by hour(per 34 seconds) 100 won 120 won 140 won 168 won
Call Taxi Paging Number Call Taxi Paging Number
Gaya Call 333-1000 Jinrye Call 345-4323
Junagang Call 335-3535,325-3535 Jinyeong Call 342-3858
MK Call 333-2727 Jinyeong 88 Call 343-5455
Jangyu Call 329-3311
  • Call Taxi Fare Information


You can reach anywhere in Gimhae within an hour. The fares are different in city area and Eup and Myeon area


The closest railroad station from Gimhae is Gupo Station in Busan. From the Gupo Station, take a taxi or a bus. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to Gimhae. Website of Korea National Railroad (http://info.korail.com/mbs/english/index.jsp)

Jinyeong Station, Gimhae

  • Intra-City Bus No. 14: Operates every ten minutes and takes 40 minutes to Gimhae
    Fare: 1,200 won (cash) / 1,100 won (card)
    Intercity Bus: Operates every ten minutes and takes 40 minutes to Gimhae
    Fare: 1,900 won (Gupo Station, Busan)

Gupo Station

  • Buses: B2-8, 8-1, 73, 207, 123, 125, 127, 128-1, 130, 1004, 1004 (Night), B4-8, 73, and 130 (toward Pusan National University)
    - Operates toward Gimhae every three to five minutes and takes 40 minutes to Gimhae
    Fare: 1,200 won (cash) / 1,100 won (card)
    ※ Buses from Busan charge Busan intra-city bus fare.

Rental Cars

Name Address Telephone Number of cars
Total Passenger cars Vans
99, east gimhae branch 594-11 samjeong-dong 82-55-327-1011, 327-1008 15 5 10
ilseung car rental, gimhae branch 19-10 samjeong-dong 82-55-328-2552 21 7 14
zero car rental, gimhae branch #301,875-3 eobang-dong 82-55-321-9902 14 4 10
gana car rental, gimhae branch 89-12 samjeong-dong 82-55-336-7556 11 10   1
new busan car rental, gimhae branch #210 1095-12 eobang-dong 82-55-334-9929 14 14 0
samcheonri car rental, gimhae jinyeong branch 700-37 yeorae-ri, jinyeong-eup For Fax & Tel
15 13 2
biz 325 oe-dong(2nd floor) 82-55-324-6374
93 68 25
yes rental 325 oe-dong(2nd floor) 82-55-321-7333, 362-1062
165 138 27
gangnam car rental 951-2 dongsang-dong 82-55-339-9001
129 121 8
new gangnam car rental 951-4 dongsang-dong 82-55-338-9007 50 47 3