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Gimhae Arts Festival

Festival Name Gimhae Arts Festival
When Mid October of each year
Festival Programs A banquet for Korean traditional music, A night of literature, Composition contest, Drawing contest, 미협 exhibition, drama, 음협 seasonal concert, Picture exhibition, People's ballad concours, Hometown love painting tour exhibition
Key Feature Arts festival
Organized by Gimhae Branch of the Federation of the Artistic and Cultural Organizations of Korea (332-9313)

About the Festival

The Gimhae Arts Festival is a pure arts festival that is the only one of its kind to be organized in our region. The festival not only promotes unity and cooperation among the region's artists but also increases their motivation for creativity and gives them an opportunity to display their cultural and artistic work to the public.

The Gimhae Arts Festival is sponsored by our city and is organized by the Gimhae Branch of the Federation of the Artistic and Cultural Organizations of Korea. The Gimhae branch has 8 unit-based branches, which include the Music Association of Korea, Korean Fine Arts Association, Korean Writers' Association, National Theater Association of Korea, 연예협회, Dance Association of Korea, Korean Traditional Music Association, and the Photo Artist Society of Korea. As such, the Festival has hitherto successfully discovered and nurtured many talented artists.

Origin of the Festival

Prior to 1980, the Gimhae Arts Festival was organized alongside the Garak Cultural Festival but since then, the festival has been independently organized. Each year, the festival selects a theme, and the exhibitions and performances are prepared and put on by each unit based branch. And to share them with the residents, our city has developed the festival as a program to promote the participation of residents. Now the festival has become a place of celebration where the region's artists and residents come together as a community and has for all intents and purposes become the most symbolic of festivals of Gimhae City.