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Jinyeong Sweet Persimmon Festival

Festival Name Jinyeong Sweet Persimmon Festival
When Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of November of each year
Key Features Night events for the amusement of residents including Emulsion, Sweet Persimmon Fair, Original Sweet Persimmon, Picture Exhibition, Create a Sweet Persimmon Boulevard, Peeling and Eating Sweet Persimmon Contest, People's Singing Contest,
Organizer Gimhae City, Jinyeong Sweet Persimmon Festival Committee

Festival Programs

  • Various Performances to mark the occasion
  • Folk programs including traditional acrobatic shows or traditional percussion instrument show
  • Cultural and arts program including classical music, choir, instrumental music
  • Sports, exhibitions
  • Young Adults Plaza
  • PR activity for sweet persimmon including Sampling of sweet persimmon, Sweet persimmon exhibition, Sweet persimmon fair, Local retail competition, Sweet persimmon OX quiz contest.

Features of Jinyeong Sweet Persimmon

The annual average temperature of Jinyeong region stands at 14˚C, which is ideal for cultivating a subtropical fruit like sweet persimmon. Also, the mountains are stretched in east/west direction like an unfolded screen and surrounds the guardian mountain area, protecting the region from the sea wind and typhoon that usually hits from the southern direction. Moreover, since the soil has outstanding capacity to retain water, the region is less adversely affected by drought.
Especially, due to the delayed arrival of frost, the length of time for cultivation is extended by approximately 10 days as compared to other regions and as such, the amount of sunlight is more than adequate. Thus, the region is blessed by God with outstanding natural set of conditions. Further, as can be seen from an 80 year history of cultivation, the region boasts superior technology and since the roots are deeply and widely spread because the region is covered with clay loam soil, the sugar and mineral content of fruits is extremely high. As such, the region has enjoyed unparalleled reputation for its sweet persimmon for a very long time.