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Tomb of Queen Heo Hwangok

The Tomb of King Suro, the founder of Garak The Tomb of Queen Heo Hwangok was designated as National Historic Site No. 74 on Jan. 21, 1963. Queen Heo Hwangok was a princess of Ayutah Kingdom in India. Her name was Heo Hwangok. At the age of 16, she came across the sea following her father's order, and became a queen in the 7th year of King Suro(48 A.D.). She died 10 years earlier than King Suro on Mar. 1, 189 at the age of 157. She had 12 sons. Right before she died, she asked two of her sons to take her last name, Heo. And they became the ancestors of Heo family of Gimhae. Therefore, a marriage between Kim family of Gimhae and Heo family of Gimhae has been forbidden. It is said that she brought the stone pagoda on the east of the tomb from India to calm down the wind and waves. It is called Pasa Stone Pagoda. A legend says that when a person to be on board a ship passes this pagoda, he/she will be safe during the journey. The pagoda has been severely damaged and now it is protected by a pavilion.