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Wellbeing Leisure Course

Golf course

The large-scale Gaya golf range that harmonizes with nature is situated at the lower edges of the Shino Mountain that boasts graceful scenery and is equipped with total 45 holes course of a 36 holes of regular course and a 9 holes of public course. The Shino courses successfully utilize the forest and geographical features for golfers to feel the womanly beauty. While the Nakdong course brings out splendor masculine beauty due to its design of cutting the southeast ridgeline of Shino Mountain, which is relatively even course for the players, the Gimhae course is designed to keep its configuration of the natural ground of a fan shape valley. All these three courses are stood in the spotlight of the members of golf clubs as a walking course because of nicely harmonized nature and the place is a tourist attraction site equipped with Gaya Land, swimming pool and a path to the mountain.