Welcome to Gimhae Dear respected citizens of Gimhae City and netizens of the world We welcome you to the homepage of Gimhae City

Information of Government Office Building

Main Building

1st Floor General Affairs Division, Accounting Division, Welfare Division,
Environmental Management Division, and Waste Management Division
2nd Floor Mayor's Office, Deputy Mayor's Office, Security & Public Administration Director-General's Office, Residents Livelihood Assistance Director-General's Office, Environment& Sanitation Director-General's Office, Waterworks and Sewerage Director's Office, and Culture & Tourism Director-General's Office
3rd Floor Planning & Budget Division, Audit & Inspection Officer, and Public Affairs Office
4th Floor Sports Support Division, and Information & Communication Division

Civil Application Building

1st Floor Tax Payment Division, Tax Administration Division, Job Creation Division,
and Sanitation Division
2nd Floor Design & Architecture Division, Land Information Division, and Permission &
Civil Service Division
3rd Floor Safe Construction & Transportation Director-General’s Office, Construction Division,
Roads Division, and Security Affairs Division
4th Floor Innovative Economy Director-General’s Office, Investment Promotion Division,
Job Creation Division, Transportation Division, and Light Rail Transit Innovation Division
5th Floor City Management Director-General's Office, Urban Planning Division,
Urban Development Division, Public Housing Division, and Land Value Survey Office

Annex I

1st Floor 120 Task Force Team
2nd Floor Water Supply Division
3rd Floor Sewage Division
4th Floor Culture & Arts Division, Tourism Division, and Cultural Heritage Division

Council Building

1st Floor Policy Analyst Committee Office, Special Committee Office, and Steering Committee Office
2nd Floor Individual Councilor Offices
3rd Floor Council Secretariat, Chairman's Office, Vice Chairman's Office Secretary-General's Office, and Conference Hall
4th Floor Administrative Committee Office, City Construction Committee Office, Society and Industry Committee Office

Annex II

1st Floor Environment-Friendly Ecology Division, and Education City Division
2nd Floor Administration Library and Computer Learning Center
3rd Floor Livelihood Stability Division, and Women & Children Division
4th Floor Cafeteria