Welcome to Gimhae Dear respected citizens of Gimhae City and netizens of the world We welcome you to the homepage of Gimhae City

Organization Chart

Mayor Deputy Mayor Public Relations Director Auditor

Security and Public Administration Bureau

General Services Division, Planning and Budget Division, Security Affairs Division, Information and Communication Division, and Accounting Division

Residents Livelihood Assistance Bureau

Residents Livelihood Assistance Division, Social Welfare Division, Women and Children Division, and Sports Support Division

Economy Bureau

Economy Promotion Division, Business Support Division, Tax Payment Division, and Taxation Division

Transportation and Environment Bureau

Transportation Support Division, Public Transportation Division, Environment Policy Division, Environment Division, and City Cleaning Division

City Management Bureau

City Planning Division, City Development Division, City Design Division, Architecture Division, and Authorization and Permission Division

Construction and Disaster Control Bureau

Disaster Control Division, Road Division, and Land Information Division

Agricultural Technology Center

Agriculture & Livestock Division, Agriculture Management Division, Technology Support Division, and Park & Green Division

Community Health Service Center

Health Service Division, Health Promotion Division, Sanitation Division, and Health Support Center

Culture and Tourism Office

Culture & Art Division, Tourism Division, and Cultural Heritage Division

Water and Sewage Office

Waterworks Division, Purification Division, and Sewerage Division

Lifelong Education Center

Educational City Development Department, Chiram Library, Jangyu Library, Jinyoung Hanbit Library, Jangyu Office, Civil Affairs Department, Livelihood Support Department, Urban Management Department


Vehicle Registration Office

Jangyu Office

General Affairs Division, Residents Livelihood Assistance Division, and Library Management Division


Jinyeong-eup, Juchon-myeon, Jillye-myeon, Hallim-myeon, Saengnim-myeon, Sangdong-myeon, Daedong-myeon, Dongsang-dong, Hoehyeon-dong, Buwon-dong, Naeoe-dong, Bukbu-dong, Chilsanseobu-dong, Hwalcheon-dong, Saman-dong, Bulam-dong, Jangyu 1-dong, Jangyu 2-dong, and Jangyu 3-dong