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Civil Applications Information

Service Section for Residents

The civil applications section of our city hall has set up a system that allows to deal with all civil applications in one place. Our aim is to provide our residents convenience that is unparalleled in the country.

  • One-stop system for Issuing of forms and documents
  • Quick service without the need of repeat visits
  • Create a space for residents' leisure
  • Build facilities and implement policy centered on residents to increase residential convenience

Administrative organization: 18 sections, 3 departments

  • Department of Civil Applications and Authorization
    • Civil applications administration, construction of factory, farming area, change of purpose for mountains and forests, filing of report for construction, registration of family relations, communication-related civil applications
  • Department of Construction
    • Construction administration, construction supervision, common housing, common housing management, public building, building register
  • Department of Land Information
    • Land registration administration, land registration certificate, land price survey, real estate management

Number of Staff : 112

Work Sectors : 6 (Administration, Facility, Environment, Agriculture, Green Zone, Communication)

Main Services

All windows in city hall processes civil applications, construction of factory, building permit, exclusive farming zone, change of purpose for mountains and forests, cigarette retailer, professional construction company, declaration of change of residence for foreigners, passport processing, supervision and regulation of illegal buildings, authorization of construction of common housing, land measurement, declared standard value for specified land, authorization and management of land transaction