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Convenience Facility

Installation of VTR for City Government PR

"We provide information on key programs and projects of the city via the VTR to our residents. The video contains many useful information and we hope you can take the time to enjoy it."

Place of Installation

  • Waiting Room at the Department of Civil Applications Authorization

Installed Equipments

  • 1 large TV
  • 1 VTR

PR Content

  • Provide residential information on VTR

Free Office for Residents

"To increase convenience for the residents visiting the City Hall, we have opened a section in the main civil Applications room where office devices are provided free of charge. We hope that they improve the services we provide for you."

Office devices for your use

  • 1 fax machine, 2 PCs, 1 printer, TV, DVD player
  • 1 telephone, books

Anticipated Benefits

  • Visitors to the City Hall often have to make an extra trip to the stationery shop to xerox or fax the documents that have been issued to them. Thus, it is anticipated that the Free Office for Residents can help them save time and money and provide more convenience.

Information Staff Service

"For visitors to the City Hall, an information staff will provide assistance and guide them to the right office or service window. For the elderly or disabled, the staff will borrow books or process any applications on their behalf. If you require any assistance, please ask any one of the information who will provide kind service."

Where to find them: Information desk, 2nd floor, Main Civil Applications Room

Number of staff: 4 per day (am/pm)

Duty hours: 09:00~18:00

Staff Responsibility

Provide direction to offices - Provide direction to service window and other relevant information - Borrow books or process application for the elderly and disabled