Welcome to Gimhae Dear respected citizens of Gimhae City and netizens of the world We welcome you to the homepage of Gimhae City

Installation Location

Vehicle registration office

Manager: Kim Mi-suk, Vehicle registration office k313@gimhae.go.kr, 330-2841

Public health center

Manager: Kim Mi-ok, Public health center, mogim@gimhae.go.kr, 330-4451


Manager: Park Hye-jin, Buwon-dong office, goodlove97@hanmail.net, 330-4851

Home Plus in Naeoe-dong

Manager: Seo Jong-gwan, Naeoe-dong office, sjk4707@gimhae.go.kr, 330-4871

Jangyu library

Manager: Sin Jeong-a, Jangyu library, kkang98@gimhae.go.kr, 330-4601

Jangyu-myeon office

Manager: Sim Ji-yeong, Jangyu-myeon office, haha@gimhae.go.kr, 330-4674

Gimhae city hall citizen service office

Manager: Kim Yu-mi, Permission division, rudska92@gimhae.go.kr, 330-3681

Naeoe culture house

Manager: Seo Jong-gwan, Naeoe-dong office, sjk4707@gimhae.go.kr, 330-4871

Saman culture house

Manager: O Oe-gyeong, Saman-dong office, ook76@gimhae.go.kr, 330-4951

Federation of agricultural cooperatives, Gimhae Gusan branch

Manager: Gang Yeong-ju, Bukbu-dong office, yjkang@gimhae.go.kr, 330-4891

Jangyu branch office

Manager: Park Haeng-ran, Jangyu branch office, phr613@gimhae.go.kr, 330-6515