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Consumer Protection

What is a consumer?

A consumer refers to a person who utilizes or uses goods and services provided by a business operator for daily consumption, and a person is regarded as a business operator when he or she purchases goods or services for production related activity.

Consumer Injury

Problems of quality, agreement, and service caused by the purchase of various goods and the provision and use of services and problems affecting the consumer


  • Medical Service - Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, Korea Consumer Agency
  • Finances and Insurance Service - Financial Supervisory Service, Korea Consumer Agency
  • Legal Service of a Legal Practitioner - Korea Legal Aid Corporation

Processing Procedure

Consumer (information service) → Local self-governing organization or consumer organization → Settlement recommended (consumer · supplier) (recommendation refused) → Korea Consumer Agency → Settlement recommended → (recommendation refused) → 소비자분쟁조정위원회

Consumer Mediation Organizations

  • Korea Consumer Agency ☏ 02-3460-3000, www.kca.go.kr
  • Gimhae City Department of Economic Promotion ☏ 330-3422~24
  • Gimhae YMCA ☏ 328-3303
  • Gimhae YWCA ☏ 332-6003, 332-1168