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Information for Public Transport Card

How does the public transport card in our city work?

With an innovative system set up on December 30, 2005, our city has introduced a new public transport card that allows the residents to use it to travel to not only adjacent areas but also anywhere in the country. The card is versatile and allows the residents to use it for multiple purposes and areas, because we have introduced add-value card and credit card with transport card function.

  • Add-Value Card for Public Transport: Green card, Mybi card
  • Credit card with transport card function: Kookmin, BC, Samsung, LG cards

Issuing and Adding Value for Public Transport Card

Existing Green cards are issued at local banks and value can be added there as well. The Mybi cards can easily be purchased at any mini marts, and credit cards with transport card function can be applied for and obtained at a local card issuer.

  • Credit card with transport card function: From appropriate credit company (Kookmin, BC, Samsung, Former LG)
  • Gimhae Mybi card: Card retailer
  • Information on stores where you can add value to your transport card in our city: 35 stores throughout the city

Areas where the public transport card can be used

The Gimhae Mybi card can be used not only in the 10 metropolitan cities across the country for public transport but also at various distribution markets. Unlike existing contact based cards, Mybi cards are charged when they are simply brought close to the charge machine. In parts of Busan, Gwangju, Ulsan, Gyeongnam, Gyeongbuk, Jeonnam, Jeonbuk, Chungnam, Chungbuk, and Gangwon, the card brings you added benefits like free transfer and 5~10% discount when using public transport. Also, according to our city's transfer policy for public transport, you can use the card not only for free transfer within 1 hour of using a public transport but also receive transfer discounts.

Free Transfer System?

The Gimhae City's system of free transfer for city bus, which is implemented for the first time in our country, allows the user of all transport cards introduced by our city to enjoy free transfer within 1 hour of using the city bus anywhere within the city. But it should be noted that for cards issued in other cities or parts of country, transfer between buses are allowed but they are not free.

  • Existing Green Card: Free transfer within 1 hour for all Gimhae City buses
  • Gimhae Mybi Card: Can also be used in Busan City and adjacent city of Changwon, Masan, Jinhae, Yangsan, Ulsan, etc.

Call Center for Public Transport Cards

  • Mybi Card Call Center: (055) 1588-8990
  • Global Cash: (055) 328-6371