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Carpool Information

We ask for your enthusiastic support and participation for our 『Carpool Campaign』, which forms an important part of our campaign to create clean air and save energy.

Establish and operate carpool broadcast center

When: Year around

Location: Department of Environment Protection, Gimhae City Hall (Telephone 330-3351, Without area code 128, Fax 330-3359)

Method of Operation

  • Interested people can join as carpool members and application will be processed
  • Carpool membership system will operate for approved carpool members

Applying for Carpool Membership

Who can apply?

  • An owner of a vehicle (driver, a person who wants a rotation system)
  • A person who wants to commute in a private vehicle (passenger)

Processing of Application

  • When: Year around
  • Method of Application: The applicant must complete and forward the application via internet, post, or fax. For insurance purposes, the injured party (passenger) will be compensated regardless of the rate of reduction for passengers.
  • (Vehicle insurance agreement - from among comparative negligence)
※ Attention when applying: Please complete the carpool membership application form and attach it.