Welcome to Gimhae Dear respected citizens of Gimhae City and netizens of the world We welcome you to the homepage of Gimhae City

Investment Environment

Optimal Location for Transportation and Distribution

  • Located on the southeastern end of the Korean Peninsula of Northeast Asia
  • A place of strategic importance for trade with China which is an immense market and with Japan which possess cutting edge technology
  • A region of strategic location for moving into the AsiaㆍPacific region.

Quick and Convenient Transportation Facility

  • A place of strategic importance of Namdong Seaside Industrial Belt (Pohang~Gimhae~Gwangyang)
  • Namhae Freeway, Gimhae~Daegu Freeway, Namhae Branch Freeway, Central Branch Freeway and 9 IC sections
  • 20 minutes from Gimhae International Airport and KTX Gupo Station
  • Gimhae International Airport: Daily, Gimhae ~ Japan, Shanghai
  • Every 30 minutes, domestic airline connecting Incheon International Airport and Gimhae International Airport
  • 30 minutes to adjacent Busan harbor
  • Busan ~ Japan: Daily
  • Busan New Harbor 배후 Distribution Base
  • Busan New Harbor 배후 railroad, light electric rail line two track electric railway, light electric rail project, large scale distribution complex in Jangyu area (893,000㎡)
  • Connect to a city of 10 million people within 1 hour
  • Busan Metropolitan City, Daegu Metropolitan City, Ulsan Metropolitan City, ChangwonㆍMasanㆍPohang

A Cradle of Education andㆍCulture

  • The Best Educational Environment in the Southeastern Region of Korea
  • University Town: Inje University, Kaya University, Presbyterian University, Gimhae College
  • Public Gimhae Foreign Language High School
  • Science and Culture City, Operates Lifelong Education Special District

The Capital City of Geumgwan Gaya, the Birthplace of Gaya Culture

  • Gimhae National Museum, DaeSeong-Dong Tombs Museum, Suro Mausoleum, Sureungwon, etc.
  • Secure leisure and resting space
  • Golf course (5), Gimhae Arts and Sports Center, Folk Museum
  • Develop residents sports center, residents sports park, skating park, Busan Gyeongnam Race Park, Gimhae leisureㆍsports complex, and Lotte Baseball Park

Pleasant Residential Environment

  • Construct Jangyu New Town, Bukbu New Town, Jinyoung New Town

Excellent Foundational Facility

  • Industrial water: Nakdong river (320,000㎡/h)
  • Electric power supply: Substation (6 stations - 600,000 ㎾/h)
  • IndustryㆍAcademiaㆍResearch Regional Joint Technology Development Consortium
  • Number of businesses: Approximately 5,500
  • Venture Business Support Center

Development Projects

구문 area project time project organizer note
total 7,562      
bonsan industrial complex of rural area 148 2005~2009 civilian development  
gimhae general regional industrial complex 1,502 2007~2012 korea industrial complex corp  
hagye industrial complex of rural area 135 2007~2011 gimhae city  
gimhae techno valley 5,777 2009~2015 attract civilian investment