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Manufacturing Process

Elutriating Kneading Forming Decorating Glazing Burning
  • 1. Elutriating - Process of extracting potter’s clay
  • 2. Kneading - Process of kneading potter’s clay to remove bubble
  • 3. Forming - Process of forming shape
  • 4. Decorating - Process of decorating patters through various techniques
  • 5. Glazing - Process of glazing pottery
  • 6. Burning - Process of burning pottery in kiln


This process is performed in order to gain the soil suitable to produce the Grayish Celadon. After mixing various minerals with potter’s clay, the mass should be dissolved under water. Then, heavy things such as stone, sand, etc. are first sunken. Very fine-particle sediments are gained through repeated processes. Afterwards, such sediments should be again sunken and the remnant water should be poured off, and the moisture remaining in the sediments should be dehydrated properly. It is suitable clay to produce the Grayish Celadon.