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Neolithic Age

The Neolithic sites of Korea are roughly divided into the west coast area, which includes the Daedong River, Han River, and islands in their vicinity; the northeast coast area around the Tumen River; and the south coast area near the Nakdong River. Each area produced a unique type of pottery. The clays used were different, as were the shapes and designs.

V-shaped pointed bottoms were characteristic of the Neolithic pottery of the west coast area. It is distinguished by designs on the outer surface in parallel lines that resemble markings made by a comb, slanted lines, and dotted lines. Most of the pottery that has been found in the northeast coast area is flat-bottomed with engraved thunderbolts or other designs, or linear applique on the surface. Flat-bottomed pottery has also been discovered in the south coast area, but is a little round with undecorated surfaces or with thick comb patterns engraved or linear applique on the surface.

Neolithic pottery can be chronologically divided into three stages: pottery with linear applique on the surface and undecorated pottery appeared between 6000-5000 B.C. and 4000 B.C.; comb pattern pottery was made across the Korean peninsula between 4000 B.C and 1000 B.C.; and reddish pottery was made around 2000 B.C. Painting techniques were introduced through the Hamgyeong area from late Neolithic China.

Sun baekja

  • Excavated at Amsa-dong
  • Excavated at Amsa-dong
  • Excavated from mound
  • Pottery
Excavated at Amsa-dong
Excavated at Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul. Neolithic period. 3000 B.c.,H.38.4 D.27.2 National Museum of Korea
Excavated at Amsa-dong
Excavated at Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul. Neolithic period. 3000 B.c.,H.40.5 M(D). 32.8 Kyunghee University Museum
Excavated from mound
Excavated from mound at Nongpo-dong,Cheongjin-si,North Hamgyeong Province, Neolithic period. 2000-1500 B.C.H.8 M(D). 9.5 B(D). 4.5 National Museum of Korea
Pottery, Treasure(bomul) no.597, excavated from shell mound at Yeongseon-dong,Busan, Neolithic period. 4000 B.C. H.13.5 M(D). 16 Dong-A University Museum