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ClayArch Gimhae

Clay Arch is a plan to construct six buildings as well as Ceramic Exhibition Building was started on the background that it was needed to bring Gimhae City, an ancient city of Garag Country, into relief of hometown of ceramics and to activate ceramic art industry of Gimhae territory by supporting ceramic art companies dispersed in Gimhae terrutory with efficient facilities, as YangYiBuHo(dual-year pot) that is the first earthen vessel in the country was found in old tomb of Daeseong-dong.


  1. Providing with the space for production and exchange by artists and ceramic artists so for ceramic production and revival of various ceramics
  2. Activation of cultural events of the region such as Jinrye Ceramic Festival
  3. Providing with a base for qualified rest space and tourism industry
  4. Contribution of succession and development of traditional culture through structural improvement of small-sized and premodern ceramic industry

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Clay Arch Gimhae