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Garak-gukgi in Samguk-yusa

Samguk-yusa is a history book compiled by a private person, and is consist of five volumes. This deals with the politics and Buddhism from Ancient Joseon to Unified Sinla. Ilyeon(一然: 1206~1289) who was a Buddhist monk in the reign of King Chungryeol in Goryeo compiled it at the last years of his life. The front part(volume 1, 2) which corresponds to the political history is divided with the Kings' chronology(王曆) and the records of strange events(紀異), and the back part(volume 3, 4, 5) which corresponds to the Buddhist history is classified with the cases of raising Buddhism(興法), the stories involved in pagodas and Buddhist statues(塔像), the biographies of famous Korean monks(義解), the cases of showing the efficacy of Buddhism(神呪), the miracles by strong faith(感通), the persons retired from active life(避隱), the stories of being compensated by extreme filial duty to one's parents(孝善).

..While materials of oral tradition have been contained quite a lot in Samguk-yusa, especially 'Garak-gukgi' among them can be a basic material to observe the history of Garak-guk(駕洛國) that is the leading state of the former Gaya Confederation and is called Geumgwan-guk(金官國) or Geumgwan-gaya(金官伽耶) in other words. The historical material recorded in this internet homepage is based on Samguk-yusa published in the reign of King Jungjong in Joseon Dynasty Era, and is partly corrected by comparing Seoknam-bon Samguk-yusa transcribed by someone, The repaired Samguk-yusa edited by Namseon Choe, The translated and annotated Samguk-yusa edited by Byeongdo Lee.