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  • Traditional Korean House Gimhae-The Traditional Korean House Gimhae where you can experience Korean traditional Hanok life and learn wisdom and intelligence of the ancestors is constructed
  • Gimhae National Museum-This museum was built to collect the relics of Gaya culture and systematically organize them by period to facilitate understanding of Gaya culture and to promote its excellence.
  • Daeseong-Dong Tombs Museum-Relics excavated from the tombs in Daeseong-dong are on display in this museum. The museum unveils the hidden truth about Geumgwan Gaya and proves that this area was the site of Geumgwan Gaya.
  • Culture & Tourism-Gaya Kingdom was a powerful ancient kingdom with advanced ironware culture.
  • Culture & Tourism-In Sineosan Mountain, Eunhasa, one of the oldest temples in Korea, is located. From the pieces of earthenware found in the temple, the date of temple goes back to the Three Kingdoms Period
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