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admin 2016/09/26 1958
The 6th Publicly Elected Administration of Gimhae City Selects its Municipal Administrative Goal 'Clean Administration, United Gimhae'(2016.04.28)
- Clean Administration, Unification and Harmony -
Following the inauguration of Myor Huh Sung-gon, the 7th mayor of Gimhae, the 6th publicly elected administration of Gimhae City announced that its has decided on its administrative goal and principles on the 21st.
The goal of the city is to bring “Clean Administration, United Gimhae”, gain back the trust of the citizens with transparent and clean administration and create a bright city where all the generations, social groups, the urban and rural areas, West and East Gimhae, the old cities and new cities, Koreans and foreigner are harmoniously united.
This administrative goal was selected based on the surveys, the suggestions of Gimhae’s municipal officials and the citizens’ desire for ‘clean administration, united city’ Mayor Huh has gathered during his election campaign and to this day.
The 5 administrative principles the city also selected to achieve the goal are, ▲People-Centered Happy City, Hopeful City Where You Want to Live In, ▲Hopeful City Where You Want to Live In, ▲Exciting Economic City, ▲Educational City and ▲World Class Tourist City.
“In working for the city, we will actively communicate with the citizens, promote citizens’ participation in municipal governance and ultimately try our best to build a city where everyone is happy and where everyone loves to live in.” said Mayor Huh.
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