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admin 2015/02/01 1132
Visible CCTVs Becoming Stars in Gimhae
CCTVs recently established in the city have played a major role in resolving crimes. CCTVs’ initial purpose is to resolve crimes already committed, but they also play a preventative role. The city recently redesigned poles to which CCTVs are attached so that local residents can easily notice them.

Existing poles were silvery white, similar to other transportation facilities, rendering them invisible to pedestrians. CCTV poles established this year were painted in yellow, improving their visibility among pedestrians.

Visible CCTVs are certainly expected to reduce the urge of crimes by potential criminals. They also convey a sense of protection to local residents.

These newly established CCTVs are controlled by the Gimhae 365 Safety Center and will be used in diverse ways to prevent crimes, monitor natural disasters, and identify illegal waste dumping.

In the future, Gimhae plans to introduce an intelligent CCTV service that integrates recognition of vehicle numbers, sounds, and fire, using advanced information technology. This will help secure safety for residents and make the city “Safe, Welfare City, Gimhae.”
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