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admin 2015/02/01 1746
Development of New IT Applied to 160 Ecological Parks in Korea
Gimhae announced that it would open the Ecological Park Smart Eduwork service on the 20th, using smartphones and tablets. The service was designed to offer high quality information to visitors to the Hwapocheon Wetland Ecological Park (159ha). The park attracts over 100,000 visitors annually.

Initiated to improve the work of ecology instructors and offer the latest wetland educational information to participants in ecological experience programs, the project was adopted as part of the 2013 Smart Work Stimulation Project by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning last May.

The project, with an investment of 270 million won, involved over ten software experts, a video agency, and ecological experts for seven months. It is the first on-site based mobile educational model in Korea.

The program focuses on education programs and education instructions. It checks education schedules of ecological instructors and manages their work hours. It also monitors damage of facilities with the Hwapocheon Wetland Ecological Park in realtime. As such, the program will help improve the morale of ecological instructors while preventing accidents and managing facility safety.

Visitors can receive every educational material, animal guide, and other latest materials related to the park. They can also participate in a satisfaction survey after receiving instructions, which will then serve as feedback to improve the quality of programs offered.

An official of Gimhae stated, “The service will be applied to the seven National Ecological Culture Trails covering 16 villages over 25.6km around the park, which will be created in 2015.” The official also hopes, “The service will help nurture environmental experts and set an example of a new educational paradigm in the future.”

The technology was introduced during the 5th East Asia Wetland Management Workshop in The Philippines and the Seosan International Wetland Workshop held, respectively, last September and October, drawing effusive praise from domestic and international wetland experts and NGO representatives for its creativity. The technology will be introduced the Wetland Center Operation Guide Book, which will be distributed to 168 countries.
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