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Gimhae Gaya Theme Park Finally Opens (2015.05.21.)
Gimhae Gaya Theme Park with its newly restored Gaya Palace, becomes the landmark of Gimhae, the birthplace of the ancient Gaya Kingdom
Musical performance, Gaya Village, Gugan Village and other Gaya-themed experiential attractions open all year round
After successfully holding the 39th Gaya Culture Festival, Gimhae finally opens Gaya Theme Park on the 22nd.
The 63.5 billion won-invested Gaya Theme Park established on 179,000m² area in Bunsan, has the newly restored Gaya Palace, a musical stage, children’s adventure playground, Warrior’s Village, camping ground and 70 other structures and facilities.  
“The tourism infrastructure of a city truly shines when the city’s history and culture are in harmony with the urban environment. Gaya Theme Park is a place that really reflects this harmony and it will help the city of Gimhae achieve the 10 million tourist mark this year.” said Mayor Kim Maeng-gon

1. Restored Gaya Palace
The most symbolic structure of Gaya Theme Park is the newly restored Gaya Palace.
Gaya Palace was the royal palace of King Suro, the founder of the ancient Kingdom Geumgwan Gaya in 42AD and his Queen Huh.
Having restored the ancient palace, Gaya Theme Park let the world know that Gimhae is indeed the true birthblace of Gaya culture.
Gaya Palace is 80 meters wide, 120 meters long, has 3 gates, has a corridor and is comprised of 5 buildings.
The Palace has Taegeukjeon, a building which was used for coronation or other royal ceremonies, Garakjungjeon, a building where the king managed royal affairs and Wanghoojeon, the queen’s building and, the palace has the archetypal arrangement of a royal palace.
Taegeukjeon is two-story high and has a high ceiling.
The figures of King Suro and Queen Huh can be seen seating on the royal throne and a pair of dragon-like fish hang from the ceiling.

2. Wonderful Performance All Year Round
This iron mountain-inspired, 3,710㎡ musical concert hall is one of the key attractions in Gaya Theme Park. It has two upper ground floors and one underground floor.
There is an amazing artificial waterwall on the 20-meter-high iron mountain and behind the structure, there are six egg-shaped lighting systems which represent the six states of the ancient Gaya Confederacy.  
This musical concert hall was the first concert hall built within a theme park in Busan and South Gyeongsang province. The concert hall has around 600 seats and the visitors can enjoy a musical about the love story the founding king of Gaya, King Suro and his Queen Huh.
Unlike ordinary musical performance, the musical here in this special concert hall located within a theme park, is a wonderful mix of singing, dancing, visual arts, special effects, hologram images and the 45-min long performance gives the audience lively image of the ancient Gaya culture.  
The musical shows magical images of a white egg descended from the sky turning into King Suro and Queen Huh flowing on a beautiful white boat under a crescent moon.
Amazing actors auditioned all across the country and the country’s very best experts in script, music and dance collaborate to create a wonderful musical show.

3. Exhibition
Gaya Theme Park exhibits and sells exotic souvenirs and special regional products that Gaya Confederacy have traded with foreign merchants at ‘Gallery India’ and ‘Gallery Korea’.

4. Experience
At Gugan Village located to the east of the main gate of Gaya Palace, the visitors can experience Gaya’s ceramics.
Visitors can try making their own Buncheong Ceramics of Gimhae which is referred to as the ‘capital of Korean Buncheong Ceramics’ with ceramics masters.  
The visitors can also try making ironware under the guidance of ironware experts at the ‘Gaya Ironware Workshop’.
At the ‘Warriors’ Village’, the visitors can also try archery, make swords and armor and experience the warriors’ culture of Gaya which flourished for over 500 years.
Gaya Village is a craft workshop located at the center of Gaya Theme Park.
It represents the high level of craftsmanship in Gimhae which is well-known for its craft history.
At Gaya Village, the visitors can learn woodcraft, Hanji (traditional Korean paper) craft, glass craft, metal craft and flower craft in over 10 workshop buildings such as ‘Hall of Marbles’, ‘Hall of Knots’ and ‘Hall of Butterflies’.

5. Adventure
The Gaya Warriors’ Playground has ①Adventure Castle, ②Adventure Cable, ③Slope & Tube Slide, ④Kids Playground ⑤Net, ⑥Four Season Slope, ⑦Main Gate, ⑧Cavalry Playground, ⑨Net Playground ⑩Ball Pool, ⑪Ground Fountain and the children can freely play as Gaya warriors.  
All the play areas has elements of Gaya culture and the children can naturally become familiar with Gaya’s culture.

6. Haebancheon Village
The ‘Turtle Lake’ in front of the musical concert hall is a natural spring lake that passes through a small stream and Haebancheon Village.
The small wooden bridge, watermill, pavilion, wooden houses of the Gaya period, flowers and vegetation all together make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time to the Gaya period.

7. Camping Ground
The 9,220㎡ camping ground in Gaya Theme Park is  a one-of-a-kind, ‘well-being and healing’ camping ground that has 30 caravans, a pool, a grass field and other wonderful facilities. It can accommodate up to 180 people. The caravans are equipped with air-conditioning system and hot water system. The shower facilities, dish washing station, cafeteria, restroom and snack bar are located conveniently at the office building in the camping ground.

8. Food & Store
The food and beverage facilities in Gaya Theme Park is part of the whole Gaya theme. There are 4 restaurants, 11 cafes and snack bars and 4 souvenir shops located evenly all around the Park.
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