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Gimhae City Brings an Eco-City Where People Live in Harmony with the Nature (September 25, 2015)
▶ Hwapo Steam Wetland Eco-Park & Bongwha Cultural Eco-Park, the ecological foundation of a 10-million-tourist city

▶ Woodcraft Experience Workshop, Boonsungsan Mountain Eco-Forest and Other Great Natural Attractions for the Citizens

○ Hwapo Stream Wetland Eco-Park ⇒ Experiential programs all year round
- Awooreum Trail 9.2km, KRW 3.2 billion, completed this October
○ Bongwha Cultural Eco-Park ⇒ completed in December, 2015
- KRW 15.5 billion invested, total area of 111,000㎡, water facilities, restored beacon mound, outdoor stage, resting areas
○ Woodcraft Experience Workshop in Bannyongsan Mountain, Jangyu ⇒ Pilot Program (Oct 13 ~ Nov 8, 2015)
- KRW 8.3 billion invested, 4-story-high, 1,955㎡, woodcraft experience workshop, woodcraft library, woodcraft museum
○ Eco-Park in Boonsungsan Mountain, Samgye ⇒ Completed in February 2016
- KRW 5.2 billion invested, 339,000 ㎡, eco museum, wild garden, forest playzone, ecological trail

As one of the 10 core agenda of the six publicly elected administration, the City of Gimhae is continuously pushing forward with its ‘environment-friendly ecosystem’ plan to build the best eco city where people live in harmony with the nature.
The City will set up an ‘eco-tour belt’ connecting the eco tour infrastructure like Hwapo River Wetland Eco-Park, Hwapo Stream Awooreum Trail and Bongha Cultural Eco-Park
Also, for the government-funded, ‘Hometown River Establishment Project and Eco River Rehabilitation Project’, the City of Gimhae plans to establish 24.3 km of waterfront space in Haebancheon Stream, Shinuhcheon Stream, Daechungcheon Stream and Yulhacheon Stream by 2018.
Also, to preserve the vegetation and natural environment, the City will also build more eco parks and greenspace.
4 Urban eco parks covering a total area of 131,000m2 (Bongha Cultural Eco-Park, Daecheong Park, Yuha Park, Bannyongsan Mountain Park will be newly established by 2018. Also, a forest woodcraft experience workshop and Boonsungsan Mountain Forest Park will be established as well to improve the quality of citizens’ life.
▶ Hwapo Stream Wetland Eco-Park
Hwapo Stream Wetland is a wetland in the Nakdong River System and the country’s largest stream wetland that has untouched habitats of Eurasian spoonbills, Bean geese and various other rare animals and plants. Hwapo Stream Wetland that show distinctive features by each season attracts tourists from all over the country, all year round.
To attract tourists, the City of Gimhae will run eco tour for animal and plant observation, eco experience and eco learning programs, Awooreum walking program with ecosystem guides and various other programs each season.

▶ Bongha Cultural Eco-Park
The City of Gimhae is planning to complete establishing a cultural eco-park in Bongha Village which is birthplace of the late President Roh Moo-hyun. Bongha Village where the late President Roh Moo-hyun''''s grave and birth place are located at, is visited by more than 700,000 people every year. And, when the President Roh Moo-hyun Memorial Hall is built, the place along with the Hwapo Stream Wetland Eco-Park, Nakdonggang River Rail Park and Gaya Theme Park will help bring 10 million tourists to Gimhae.
The 15.5 billion won invested, Bongha Cultural Eco-Park will be established by the end of this year on the 111,000 ㎡ area near the late President Roh Moo-hyun''''s grave and birth place and will have waterfront space, a restored beacon mound, outdoor stage, resting facilities, experiential farms and other wonderful facilities.  

▶ Woodcraft Experience Workshop in Bannyongsan Mountain, Jangyu
There are 19 woodcraft experience workshops across the country. Currently, 11 of them are open and the rest 8 of them are being built. One other woodcraft experience workshop in South Gyeongsang Province is in Jinhae Dream Park in Changwon.
Since most of the woodcraft experience workshops in the country are located in natural recreational forests and arboretum, away from populated areas, only limited number of people visit the workshops. But, the woodcraft experience workshop in Gimhae is situated within the Bannyongsang Mountain Park which is located at the center of Jangyu with a population of 150,000 and the workshop has the potential to attract a lot of visitors if operated well with various woodcraft programs.  
The 8.3 billion won invested Gimhae Woodcraft Experience Workshop, woodcraft library and woodcraft museum will be established on 15,831㎡ area within the Bannyongsan Mountain Park and will run pilot woodcraft programs for 4 weeks starting from October 13 this year. The program fee is 2,000 won per person for woodcraft experience (plus additional materials fee) and 6,000 won for woodcraft play.

▶ Boonsungsan Mountain Eco-Forest in Samgye
Boonsungsan Mountain Eco-Forest in Samgye is filled with wonderful pine trees, oak and other great life systems. The eco-forest will be open for the citizens to fully enjoy the nature and experience a relaxing natural environment.
Boonsungsan Mountain Eco-Forest will be established by February next year in Samgye-dong, on 339,000㎡ area where an army engineer school used to be located at and 5.2 billion won will be invested in establishing an eco museum, wild garden, eco trail, forest experience zones and eco ponds.
When the Eco-Forest is established, a eco forest trail will connect the forest to Gimhae Astronomical Observatory, Sodo Village Cypress Forest and Gaya Theme Park, creating a wonderful, healthy trail that attracts tourists from all over the country.
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