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admin 2016/09/26 1856
Gimhae City Launches Integrated Mobile Civil Participation Service (October 16, 2015)
Civil Participation in the City Government Anytime, Anywhere!!
- Gimhae City Integrated Mobile Service -
As part of the Government 3.0 Initiative and to improve the level of citizen satisfaction with government services in this era of increased popularity of smart phones, on October 19, the City of Gimhae will launch the ‘Integrated Mobile Civic Participation Service’ to allow citizens access various administrative services through a mobile application.
Citizens’ interest and expectations in city governance are increasing day by day but it was difficult for them to participate in city governance or understand what really is going on in the city. In order to resolve these issues, the City of Gimhae, planned for an integrated mobile civic participation service to achieve greater and happier Gimhae.
The Integrated Mobile Civic Participation Service is a mobile application incorporated with a clear layout, simple colors, scroll and swipe and the latest mobile application technology. The users can access and learn about the on going issues, news, life-related information with the application.
Also, the users can use real-time administrative notification service through social networking sharing and push alarms and find out about various locations and facilities in the city using location search function.
With this mobile service, the city and its citizens will be able to communicate more freely and cooperate in city governance.
The application can be downloaded on app stores, searching ‘Mobile Gimhae’ or can be accessed directly on “http://m.gimhae.go.kr or by searching ‘Gimhae City Hall’ on the internet
“We will provide various mobile content and administrative services through this integrated mobile service and maximize citizens’ satisfaction with the city” said Kang In-ho, the Chief of Gimhae City’s Information and Communications Department.
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