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Gimhae Small-to-Medium Enterprise Business Center and Trade Fair (2015.11.09)
Gimhae City Opens Gimhae Small-to-Medium Enterprise Business Center and holds a Trade Fair
The City of Gimhae will finally opens the Gimhae Small-to-Medium Enterprise Business Center which will play a pivotal role in supporting small to medium enterprises in Gimhae and hold a trade fair for 3 days from November 12 (Thu.) to 14 (Sat.).  
The 11,774㎡ Gimhae Small-to-Medium Enterprise Business Center which was established in the Golden Route Industrial Complex in Joochon-myeon, investing KRW 31.4 billion, has 5 upper ground floors and 1 underground floor. Financial agencies, tax offices, an immigration office, a post office and patent offices will be moving in to the Center and a health center and a gym will be established as well for more than 80,000 workers in the region.  
The Business Center also has an international conference hall, small and large banquet halls, seminar rooms and business consultation offices that can be used for international events and for providing export consultation services to the enterprises.
The Business Center will have an opening ceremony at 11am on November 12 at the international conference hall on the 5th floor and the products of the small to medium enterprises in Gimhae will be exhibited and sold at the outdoor booths and at the international conference hall. Also a job fair organized by the City of Gimhae, Gimhae Employment Center and Busan Human Resource Development Institute of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be held with over 20 companies and 220 job seekers.
At 2pm in the seminar room located on the 4th floor, an investment seminar will be held with foreign buyers and company representatives.
In this seminar, the representatives of the City of Gimhae, Gyeongnam Development Corporation and Gimhae Techno Valley will go over investment prospects, introduce West Gimhae General Industrial Complex and Techno Valley General Industrial Complex and answer questions related to investment.  
Starting from 10am the next day, the 13th, an export consultation session will be held at the international conference hall with 21 foreign buyers from 11 countries and over 50 export companies based in Gimhae.
 At the consultation session, the buyers from 11 countries including the US, Germany, Japan, China, Australia, Spain, India, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and Mongolia and Korean companies in fields such as ship parts, auto parts, boat parts and anti-aging cosmetics will have 1-on-1 consultation meeting on export.  
The City of Gimhae will have 21 English, Chinese and Japanese interpreters at the consultation session. The foreign buyers from abroad will stay in Gimhae from the 12th to 14th visiting the production sites of major companies including SMEC Co. which are based in Gimhae. The buyers will also tour the Gimhae National Museum, Gaya Theme Park and the Tomb of King Suro.
Also, a seminar on FTA organized by the Korea International Trade Association will start at 10am on the 13th. Mr. Kim Jung-yeop, a licensed customs agent from the Korea International Trade Association will give a presentation on plans for strengthening the competitiveness of Gimhae’s manufacturing industry at this seminar.  
 The City of Gimhae expects that consultation on trades amounting to 50 billion won and actual contracts amounting to 10 billion won will be accomplished during this trade fair period.
“This trade fair was planned to help over 7,000 businesses in Gimhae overcome various difficulties they are going through because of the global recession. We hope to invigorate the economy of Gimhae and build a stepping stone for the global market entry of many companies based in Gimhae.” said Mr. Choi Sung-yeol, the director of the Innovative Economy Bureau of Gimhae City,
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