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admin 2016/09/26 1976
Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Park (April 19, 2016)
- Rail Bike, Wine Cave, Train Cafe, Bridge Observatory -
The Gyeongjeon Railway Line which connected Gyeongsan Province and Jeolla Province for over 100 years, was closed down in December 2010 and went under an upgrade to turn the line into an electrified and double-tracked line. The City of Gimhae initiated the ‘Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Park Establishment Project’ in 2013 planning to develop the existing railway infrastructure of the Gyeongjeon Line into tourist attractions.
The project in which a total of 13.9 billion won (government funding 5 billion, provincial funding 1.4 billion, municipal funding 7.5 billion) is being invested, was selected in a project organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2010 for developing unused resources into tourism resources. Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Park has various tourist facilities like rail bike, wine cave, train cafe, bridge observatory and etc.  The 3km roundtrip rail bike is the country one and only rail bike that crosses a bridge over Nakdonggang River and it offers the tourists completely different rail bike experience. There are 24 rail bikes which can be ridden up to 4 persons on each bike. The tickets can be purchased on site and reservations can be made online.

The Wine Cave which was created by renovating Saengnim Tunnel exhibits and sells wild strawberry wine made with Gimhae wild strawberries. The cave also has various lighting systems, trick art and a photo zone where the visitors can take pictures with the strawberry girl ‘Berry’, a mascot for Gimhae’s wild strawberries.
The Train Cafe located between the rail bike and wine cave was made by renovating two cars of the old Saemaeul Train and the cafe still uses the actual train seats inside.
The cafe will sell snacks and beverages and bring old memories to the visitors that remember the trains back in the day.
Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Park, along with Gimhae Gaya Theme Park, Bongha Village and Gimhae Clayarch Museum, is expected to serve an important role in Gimhae tourism industry.
Also, it will attract the families and people of all ages visiting Nakdonggang River and become the central recreational place in Gyeongsang regions.
(Gimhae Nakdonggang River Rail Park will open this coming Friday, April 29th. The rail bike is 15,000 won for two persons, 19,000 won for three and 23,000 won for 4 persons. The admission fee for Wine Cave is 1,000 won for children, 1,500 won for youth, soldiers and seniors and 2,000 won for adults.)
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