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The city of Gimhae has developed original "GimhaeGaya" fonts and distributes the fonts to the public for free. You can download the fonts from the Gimhae City website(Gimhae City Website > About Gimhae > Overview of Gimhae > Symbols > GimhaeGaya).

GimhaeGaya : Category, GimhaeGaya Bold, GimhaeGaya Regular
Category GimhaeGaya Bold GimhaeGaya Regular
Hangul 11,172 characters 공예와 민속예술의 도시, 김해(Gimhae, City of Crafts and Folk Arts) 공예와 민속예술의 도시, 김해 (Gimhae, City of Crafts and Folk Arts)
English 94 characters Royal Capital of Gaya, Gimhae Royal Capital of Gaya, Gimhae
Symbols 1234567890!?@##$%^&*-+=~[] 1234567890!?@##$%^&*-+=~[]

GimhaeGaya Bold

김해가야체 Bold 김해자도너과

GimhaeGaya Bold is a font developed after Gimhae's cavalryman. It was designed to have firm and stable expanded style to make that strong and courageous impression.

The top of the character 'ㅎ' looks like the helmet of the cavalryman and the characters 'ㄱ' and 'ㄷ' show the hardness of the cavalryman's armor. Also, overall, an angle was applied to the serifs and ends of the horizontal lines to show the lively and energy of Gimhae's cavalryman riding with a spirit.

GimhaeGaya Regular

김해가야체 Bold 김해자도너과

GimhaeGaya Regular also has that firm and stable expanded style the GimhaeGaya Bold has.

But GimhaeGaya Regular has less pronounced serifs and curves and the characters have been designed with more restrained features and to have good readability even in small font sizes.