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Gimhae Cultural Center, Gaya Folk Dance Organization

Gimhae Cultural Center

Gimhae Cultural Center was opened in 1956 to promote and carry out research on Gimhae's local cultures.

The Center has a performance hall (260 seats), exhibition rooms, classrooms and an archive. It runs Gimhae Folk Museum and also carries out surveys on local historical materials and preservations activities for traditions like Wanghureung Heongongdarae ("Tea Ritual for the Tomb of Heo Hwang-ok (33-188), the Queen Consort of King Suro"). It also runs a culture school and offers citizens courses on Gugak instruments, dance and folk janggu. Gimhae Cultural Center also trains professional artists through its Gugak Orchestra and Gaya Dance Company and, serves as a training and preservation space for folk arts.

Facility Overview

  • Facility Size : 2,044.96㎡ (1 floor below ground, 2 floors above ground)
  • Facilities : Performance Hall, Exhibition Rooms, Classrooms, Archive (Library)


225, Bunseong-ro, Gimhae (Oe-dong)

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  • (View of) Gimhae Cultural Center
  • Gimhae Cultural Center, Korean music Orchestra
  • Gimhae Cultural Center, Knowing Gimhae properly
  • Gimhae Cultural Center, in Royal Tomb of Queen Heo