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Craft Industry

You can meet various crafts, including pottery with a 2,000 year history,
in every corner of life.

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People and Spaces

People and Space in the City of Crafts and Folk Arts

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Festivals and Events

Various festivals and events in Gimhae

Gimhae Buncheong Ware Festival
Gimhae Buncheong Ware Festival Festival themed on Buncheong ware recognized as the prototype of the most Korean beauty Read more
Gaya Culture Festival
Gaya Culture Festival Festival to inherit and develop distinguished Gaya culture and to promote the harmony and unity among citizens Read more
Gimhae Gayageum Festival
Gimhae Gayageum Festival A festival to promote the excellence of gayageum and to experience the value of traditional art Read more
Contest and International Symposium
Contest and International Symposium Contest for discovering and culturing talented craft artists International academic symposium with domestic and foreign ceramic experts Read more
International Ceramic Residency
International Ceramic Residency Residency available for domestic and foreign artists of a wide range of genres and nationalities to engage in original and experimental creative activities Read more
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