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Clayarch Gimhae Museum

Clayarch Gimhae Museum

Opened on March 24, 2006, Clayarch Gimhae Museum is the world's first architectural ceramics museum.

Clayarch is a compound word made up two words Clay and Architecture and it symbolizes the interrelationship between the two concepts. Clayarch Gimhae Museum's goal is to innovate architectural ceramics by combining sciences, arts, education and industrial fields.

Ceramics are used as architectural materials and they improve the quality of our lives. Roof tiles, bricks, bathtubs and sink made by baking clay are all ceramics and we call these ceramics used as architectural materials "architectural ceramics".

Clayarch Gimhae Museum has exhibition halls, hands-on experience halls and a training hall (Ceramic Creative Center). Visitors can observe the artworks in exhibition halls and then create their own work in experience halls, working with clay, mini tiles and white porcelains. Ceramic Creative Center has a large kiln and facilities for creating artworks. It's open to artists at home and abroad as well as local artists. Trails with a variety of trees and flowers surround the museum and offer visitors an opportunity to relax and feel the nature. The museum is one of the most popular attractions in Gimhae and a wonderful eco-friendly destination you can visit.

Facility Overview

  • Facility Size: 11,814.39㎡ (1 floor below ground, 3 floors above ground)
  • Facilities
    • Dome House: Galleries, Central Hall, Children's Art Playground, Library, Media Room, etc.
    • Cubic House: Galleries, Studios (Kids, Terra), Audiovisual Room, etc.
    • Ceramic Creative Center (Training Hall): Studio, Kiln Room, Woodwork Room, Clay Making Room, Guest Rooms, etc.
    • Clay Academy: Information Office, Studio, Kiln Room, Glazing Room, Tool Room, etc.
    • Art-Kitchen: Office, Small Conference Room, Visitors Lounge
    • Training Hall, Ticket Office, Cafe, Restrooms


275-51, Jillye-ro, Jillye-myeon, Gimhae

Open Hours

10:00~18:00(Ticket Sales: 10:00~17:00)


Adults KRW 2,000 / Middle and High School Students & Solders KRW 1,000 / Elementary KRW 500

※ Free Admission: Saturday on the second week every month, Wednesday on the last week every month
※ Additional charges for hands-on programs (visit the website for more info.)

Closed Days

Every Monday, January 1, Lunar New Year's Day, Chuseok

※ Open on Monday that is a legal holiday, closed on the next day



  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Ceramic Class
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Ceramic Class
  • Clayarch Gimhae Museum