Gimhae History
that holds splendid culture and rich heritage
Jul 01, 2013
Jangyu-myeon divided into Jangyu 1-dong, Jangyu 2-dong and Jangyu 3-dong
Sep 12, 1998
Chilsan-dong and Seobu-dong merged to become Chilsanseobu-dong
May 10, 1995
Gimhae-si and Gimhae-gun merged to become Gimhae-si
Jan 01, 1989
Garak-myeon and Noksan-myeon incorporated into Busan City
Jul 01, 1981
Gimhae-eup elevated to Gimhae-si
Feb 15, 1978
Nakdong Area of Daejeo-eup, Myeongji-myeon and Garak-myeon incorporated into Busan City
Oct 01, 1942
Jinyeong-myeon elevated to Jinyeong-eup
Nov 01, 1931
Gimhae-myeon elevated to Gimhae-eup
Joseon Dynasty 1895
Becomes Gimhae-gun
Goryeo 1012
Becomes Geumju
Goryeo 971
Becomes Gimhaebu
Unified Silla 756
Become Gimhaesogyeong
Three Kingdoms Period 532
Garakguk annexed into Silla and becomes Geumgwan-gun
Gaya Period 42
Garaguk (Geumgwan Gaya) founded by King Kim Suro