Mayor’s Greetings

김해시장 홍태용

Hello, I am Hong Tae-yong,
Mayor of Gimhae City.

I sincerely thank global citizens for visiting
the Gimhae City website.

Gimhae is a culturally and historically rich city was once the capital of the ancient maritime kingdom of Gaya on the Korean Peninsula and the city has a history that dates back 2,000 years. Located in the southeastern part of Gyeongsangnam-do, it is a city of cutting-edge industries and a central city driving the industry and economy of the southeastern region of Korea based on bio-science, future automobiles and smart logistics.

With its tradition and cutting-edge urban assets, Gimhae aspires to be a warm and happy city where dreams come true. We wish to share these dreams and happiness with citizens around the world.

Gimhae will pay attention to your stories and opinions. Communicating actively with global citizens around the world, we will make Gimhae a leading global city.

We are eager to hear your stories. Please feel free to use our city website anytime to share your voices.

Gimhae’s ears will always be open to you and we will moving forward to build a true global city of cosmopolitans.

Thank you.

Hong Tae-yong
Mayor of Gimhae