Gimhae Love Voucher

What is Gimhae Love Voucher?

A voucher that can be used at Zero Pay members stores in Gimhae. You can purchase and pay products using the Zero Pay Voucher app.

Where to Use

  • Zero Pay Member Stores in Gimhae: 30,015 stores (as of the end of December 2022)
  • Traditional markets, local markets, restaurants, hair salons, pharmacies, hospitals, gas stations, opticians, private academies, franchise stores (convenience stores, bakeries, cafes).
※ Except for large stores and mid-sized stores (supermarkets like E-mart and Lotte Mart, outlets), entertainment establishments like bars, clubs, karaokes, gambling establishments, general hospitals, apartment maintenance fees, stores directly managed by large corporations

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Consumer Benefits

  • 7% discount
    ※ Discount rate can be adjusted depending on the budget
  • 30% income tax deduction in the year-end tax adjustment

Benefits for Member Stores

No transaction fee when consumers pay with vouchers

Purchase Limit

Individuals: KRW 300,000 per month
※ Purchase limit can be adjusted depending on voucher sales

Refund for Consumers

When more than 70% of charged amount is spent, the remaining amount can be refunded.

Voucher Limit

KRW 2,000,000 per person

Gimhae Love Voucher Sales Agency: Korea Easy Payment Foundation 1670-0582